We serve "REAL PIT BBQ" slow cooked in our wood burning pits over Hickory wood for 12-24 hours.  "Slow Pit" cooking gives our BBQ a wonderful smoky flavor that naturally tenderizes and gives the meat a pinkish color with melt in your mouth taste that has our customers raving for more. We are dedicated to offering our customers excellence in food, service, value and believe that our success is a result of a consistent commitment to quality.

With our casual family atmosphere and rustic cowboy ambience you will not be disappointed. We  have a wide array of menu items to choose from and whether it is our famous hickory smoked bbq, mesquite fired steaks or  fresh fish we have something for everyone to enjoy.

Bad to the Bone BBQ proudly serves USDA Choice Beef  that is naturally aged and hand cut to our strict specifications for maximum tenderness and flavor. 27341245173392homesmall.jpg

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Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did today catering our Holiday Party. The food was a big hit today with our employees!

Jamie | Endevco- San Juan Capistrano


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